Letter from Rozenn

A letter from your penfriend, Rozenn.

This is a listening exercise. Listen to the soundtrack (use the pause button if you need extra time) and answer the questions ON A PIECE OF REFILL. When you have finished, fill in the gap with the correct answer, click on vérifiez to check your answer, and then go on to the next exercise.


1. Rozenn's penfriend's name is Sabrina - true or false?
2. How old is Rozenn?
3. What nationality is she?
4. Where do her mother and father live?
5. Who does Rozenn live with in Mairangi Bay?
6. Where does her brother, Louis, live?
7. Who is Laurence?
8. Who is Paul?
9. How old is he?
10. What is he like?
11. Who is Marie?
12. How old is she?
13. What is she like?

Rozenn comes from an island called .