Metro 1 ~ Module 5

"er" verbs

Here is a series of quick revision exercises to make sure you can conjugate the "er" verbs which are so important. READ the instructions to remind yourself how it is done, and then complete the exercise as FAST AS YOU CAN. You have only ONE MINUTE to do the exercise. Click on "Vérifiez" at the end to check your work.
Steps to conjugate "er" verbs:
1. Remove the "er" from the infinitive of the verb (so "parler" becomes "parl")
2. Add the correct endings for each person: (the first one has been done for you)
JeparleJ'habitJe travaillJe
TuparlesTu habitTu Tu
Il/elle/onparleIl/elle/on habitIl/elle/on Il/elle/on
NousparlonsNous habitNous Nous
VousparlezVous habitVous Vous
Ils/ellesparlentIls/elles habitIls/elles Ils/elles

Ils/elles Ils/elles