Level One ~ Bilan de vocabulaire

C'est quel mot?

Fill the gaps with the correct words. The first letter is given.
1. My friend paid for the meal at the restaurant, the waitress gave him some change but she made a mistake of one euro.
Mon c a p le r au r, la s lui a donné de la m mais elle s'est t d'un e.

2. My big sister often gets angry when the baby wakes up and cries in the middle of an interesting news programme.
Ma g s se met s en c q le b se r et il p au m d'une é d' i.

3. When someone says something to me and I don't understand, I sometimes ask them to repeat it.
Q q'un me dit q et je ne c pas, je lui d q de le r.

4. I'm sorry I can't come to your party because of an appointment the same evening; sorry but I can't do anything.
Je r mais je ne peux pas v à ta f à c d'un r le m s; d mais je ne p r f.