Les verbes en "er"

How to conjugate ER verbs in the present tense

These verbs are all er verbs. Read the instructions for forming the present tense
then form the verbs
Steps to conjugate the present tense form of the verb PARLER
1. First drop the "er" from the end of the verb
2. This leaves you with the stem of the verb ... PARL
3. Now add the "er" endings
Je ... e
Tu ... es
Il/elle/on ... e
Nous ... ons
Vous ... ez
Ils/elles ... ent

I talkJe parleI playJe joueI look atJe regarde
You talkTu parlesYou playTu jouesYou look atTu regardes
He/she/one talksIl/elle/on parleHe/she/one playsIl/elle/on joueHe/she/one looks atIl/elle/on regarde
We talkNous parlonsWe playNous jouonsWe look atNous regardons
You talkVous parlezYou playVous jouezYou look atVous regardez
They talkIls/elles parlentThey playIls/elles jouentThey look atIls/elles regardent

Type in the sentence: We wash the dog [laver]